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Concrete Contractor Plymouth MN

  • Concrete Contractor Plymouth MN


Being a family owned second generation concrete contractor Plymouth MN has been a tradition that’s been passed through the Brady family for over 50 years.   The family currently resides in Plymouth MN and enjoys the neighborhood and participating in community events.  Patrick Brady and Sons have been pouring concrete in Plymouth for over 20 years.  Patrick Brady & Sons take pride in being a concrete contractor in Plymouth MN and make sure every job is done to perfection!   Patrick is also proud to be an award winning concrete contractor in Plymouth MN and all the surrounding suburbs.

The concrete contractor industry is full of many options but you need to make sure you choose someone that local and established.   This is why Concrete Results by Patrick Brady is the first call you should make for a concrete contractor Plymouth MN.   Being around for over 50 years the company has built a long list of happy customers and testimonials.   You can see reviews on Google, BBB, Angie’s List, Yelp and other credible resources that are all happy customers.  This is why Concrete Results has been around for over 50 years as a concrete contractors in Plymouth MN.

If you reside in Plymouth, Concrete Results by Patrick Brady is truly your best option for driveways, patios, steps, walkways and other concrete needs.   Please call Diane today at 763-755-7237  to schedule an estimate on your project, or go to



Use a sealer

Utilize a quality concrete sealer on your new concrete before winter occurs, especially on the first 3 years.  Using a sealer will help protect the surface and reduce moisture.

Treat your concrete with care

Regularly clear snow and ice. Make this a priority or else, the melting snow from the roads and highways that drips off vehicles, foot traffic and snow plows will cause damage to your concrete as they have salt and other deicing chemicals in them.
Although concrete is one of the strongest paving materials, you also need to avoid heavy equipment and vehicles on your driveway unless you use the proper concrete mix in your driveway which can withstand the weight.

The best way to care for your concrete is to have it sealed and cleaned before winter. When in Plymouth, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, and Maple Grove, ask the help of professional concrete contractors from Concrete Results. Have our professionals properly care for your concrete through the winter, and even during spring, summer, and fall.


Winter Care for Concrete

While simply cleaning concrete can help it look good for years, it is important to seal it for the first 3 years after installation. Salt and other deicing chemicals are very bad for your concrete do not use them ever.
To clean and seal your concrete in Plymouth, Golden Valley, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park, Medina, Corcoran, Minnetonka, New Hope and surrounding cities call CONCRETE RESULTS at 763-755-7237

How to Maintain Your Concrete through the Winter

Concrete, often used for walls, floors, driveways, and other applications, is a popular material to build homes and with good reason. Concrete is versatile, durable, and relatively easy to maintain. However, no matter how exceptional concrete is, you have to observe proper care and maintenance of your concrete for it to last decades.


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